Our services cover the full spectrum of e-document & e-process space. We take it as a commitment on ourselves to understand your business needs and tailor our services to provide perfect fit solutions for those needs.

Document Digitization

With any e-Document project, the main and most critical question is; how do we get thousands if not millions of accumulated documents over many years digitized in an efficient and productive manner? read more

Requirements Analysis

The software industry is constantly shifting and developing. As companies try to keep pace with the changing technologies that impact their business, they face a lot of challenges while trying to translate their specific business needs into well-defined more

Technical Support and Maintenance

ITEC has an unparalleled commitment to client satisfaction. Therefore, we provide advanced state-of-the-art post-project services to help keep your system operating at peak performance.

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Project Implementation

In addition to the wide range of cutting-edge solutions, ITEC also helps you with the implementation process from A to Z by offering a customized PMI methodology that meets the specific software characteristics of e-document and e-process more

AIIM ECM Certificate Programs

ITEC has signed a strategic agreement with the International Association of Image and Information Management (AIIM) organization by which ITEC is authorized to conduct training sessions for the AIIM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Certificate Program designed by the AIIM organization in the Middle East Region.

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