Loyalty Program
ITEC Loyalty Program How to Earn your Points
►How ITEC Calculate your points?

Based on four constant criteria, your firm will be assessed and granted points, and here are they:


  • Number of years as a Customer
  • Total income value.
  • Business value & Realization
  • Organization relationship.

    ►ITEC Loyalty Program in steps.       

    To achieve the best way in benefiting from this program, you should follow these steps:

  • Make sure your maintenance contract is flagged as Active.
  • Get in touch with your account manager or our customer satisfaction team.
  • Ask for your earned points amount.
  • Choose your prize & request it.
  • Enhance your points earning by pushing the four criteria’s buttons.
  • Keep your communication line with the account manager and the customer satisfaction officer alive.
  • ITEC Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions
  • Participation and Entitlement
  • The conditions listed hereunder apply to all Customers who are legible to participate in the Loyalty Program.

  • You are only legible to participate in the Loyalty Program if the maintenance contract on your system is valid on the Effective Date of the Loyalty Program and its subsequent anniversaries.
  • You must keep your maintenance contract valid to maintain entitlement to the Loyalty Points.
  • The Points Balance will be reset on the Program anniversary date, and you be assigned a new Loyalty Points score. It is thus advisable to redeem the Points Balance before the anniversary.
  • Loyalty Points are not transferable and cannot be redeemed in cash.
  • Loyalty Points you redeem will be deducted from your Points Balance on the redemption date.

  • Suspension and Cancellation
  • Your right to redeem your Loyalty Points Balance will be suspended on the day the maintenance contract expires, and the suspension will be lifted and the Points Balance reinstated if your contract is reactivated within 90 days from expiry date.
  • Should your maintenance contract reach the status of “Cancelled” as will be advised by ITEC, you will lose the Loyalty Points Balance.
  • In the event of suspension or cancellation by ITEC of the Loyalty Program, Points Holders may redeem their Points Balance only during the 90-day notice period, after which no redemption will be allowed.
  • In the event that the suspension of the Loyalty Program by ITEC is lifted, the Points Balance will be reinstated.

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