Requirements Analysis

The software industry is constantly shifting and developing. As companies try to keep pace with the changing technologies that impact their business, they face a lot of challenges while trying to translate their specific business needs into well-defined solutions.
We understand that Requirements Analysis is critical to the success of any project. Therefore, we are committed to working with each client to transform business ideas into meaningful requirement on both the e-document and e-process fronts.
Our Interactive Discover-Analyze-Design-Improve (DADI) approach is based on sharing the findings of our studies with our clients and conducting joint workshops to analyze results and come up with a system design most suited to our clients' needs and work environment.
Our expertise covers:
• Document Digitization of Backlog Archives.
• Document Archiving and Records Management.
• Document Management and Document Workflow.
• Business Process Analysis & Automation.
• Document Composition & Data Analysis for Customer Communications.
• Document Output & Delivery for Customer Communications .

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