Project Implementation

In addition to the wide range of cutting-edge solutions, ITEC also helps you with the implementation process from A to Z by offering a customized PMI methodology that meets the specific software characteristics of e-document and e-process projects. The nature of such implementation allows each and every targeted user in your business to utilize the technology to full extent.

Moreover, ITEC finds it prudent to apply "Change Management" activities to identify the new technologies (i.e., tools, methods, and processes) and track them into the organization in an orderly manner, thus improving software utilization, increasing productivity and decreasing the cycle time. Our change management approach is based on a top-down approach; starting with senior management and working down to the lowest organizational level.

While implementing our e-process solutions, we make sure that our client can visualize the developed process automation before it is rolled out in a real life environment, by using BPM simulations software through which our client can obtain a real life experience of the application in a test environment.

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