Customer Communications Management
CCM Intruduction

In every business the main goal is always to acquire new customers, retain existing ones, and ensure their satisfaction.

Customer Communications Management
  • Connect with your customers for more productive and profitable relationships.
  • Manage communications across all delivery channels for greater consistency and efficiency.
  • Empower customers to reach out with new tools for a higher level of interactivity.
  • Embrace interactive communications for real-time exchanges with customers.
  • Automate document generation for quicker responses.
  • Leverage print stream to personalize content and streamline printing and mailing operations for cost savings across the enterprise.
  • Therefore, successful organizations are constantly looking for ways to improve communications with their clients and foster a stronger relationship with them- one that is based on loyalty and trust. The Customer Communication Management (CCM) solutions from Pitney Bowes, organizations can create, distribute and manage multi-channel communications for greater customer satisfaction, improved operational efficiency and lower costs.

    Document Composition

    Today businesses are faced with new challenges to effectively manage and deliver personalized, branded and compliant communications, consistently across channels and with greater speed and accuracy. Document composition products from Pitney Bowes help companies easily create and centrally control all customer communications—transactional, on-demand and interactive documents, and delivered in virtually any media – print, fax, Web, e-mail or SMS.

    Intelligent e-Statement

    The Intelligent e-Statement will provide financial organizations with a total solution to create and centrally control all document-based communications with customers and will easily integrate into your organization's web page for ready access by your online customers.

    Why The Intelligent e-Statement ?

  • linking transactions to vouchers : A one click link to related vouchers’ images of the transaction.
  • Consolidated Statement : One statement includes all customer accounts with summary and detailed information within same document.
  • Analyzed Statement : Show analysis on transactions or different customer accounts represented in nice colored graphical format.
  • Personalized & Targeted Messages : Insert personalized targeted messages so that messages will be based on the recipient’s specific profile. as a result , Customers will no longer receive marketing messages for services they already have or are not among their interest.
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